Latrunculi Rules

  • The initial board configuration is automatically set-up by the computer.
  • Black moves first.
  • Players alternate turns during which a single piece of the player's own colour is moved.
  • Pieces may move horizontally or vertically any number of spaces (like Chess rooks).
  • A single stone is captured if it is surrounded on two opposite sides by pieces of the opposing colour.
  • The outside walls cannot be used to capture pieces.
  • A stone in the corner is captured by two stones of the opposing colour placed across the corner.
  • Multiple stones can be captured along a line.
  • If a player moves into position to capture a line of several opposing pieces which includes the Dux, the Dux is not taken but the other pieces are.
  • The Dux cannot be captured, but can be immobilized by being surrounded on all four sides.
  • The first player to immobilize the enemy Dux wins.
  • The Dux is immobilized if it is blocked by an enemy stone such that it has no place left to move.
  • If the game stalemates, the player with the most captured enemy stones wins.
  • The game ends when 30 moves are made without a capture, with the player with the most pieces remaining on the board declared the winner.

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