Our Android and iOS Apps

Over the years we have developed and maintained a few native apps on both android and iOS. The focus of our apps lies in usability and building a solution for one specific task or problem. Therefore we evaluate the usefullness of every new feature before implementing it.

From time to time our apps get a “remake”. That’s when some external circumstances change like the introduction of flat design in iOS 7 or material design with Android 5. We also improve the technologie under the hood, like last year when we ported My Currency to the Swift programming language, which is now widely considered as the default programming language for iOS and macOS.
We also updated the our currency webservice by moving it to a cloud provider for better scalability and faster response times for our ever growing international user base.

What’s there to come?

Here is some outline of what our plans for the future are.

  • We’ll discontinue our paid apps in favor of free apps with In-App-Purchases
  • Evaluating multiple options as business models for our apps:
    • One time In-App-Payment to get all the pro features
    • Auto-renewable subsriptions
    • Simple (non auto-renewing) subscriptions
  • Overall design and user interface evaluation of our apps
My Currency
  • Port the Android app to the Kotlin programming language
  • Alarms (push notifications) if exchange rates go above or below a certain value
  • More translations of the user interface
  • [Predicting future exchage rates with some machine learning sugar]
My Budget
  • My Budget 3: Re-write the entire app in swift
  • A data migration path to My Budget 3 for existing My Budget 2 users