My Budget App

MyBudget is a simple and fast money management app.You can manage your daily cash income/outgo, bank and credit card accounts.

Key Features:

  1. Simple and easy to record transactions
    You can easily input your daily transactions. You can choose description of transaction from history, much less keyboard operations. Also you can fix balance with simple operation.

  2. Multiple accounts
    You can manager multiple cash / bank / credit card accounts. MyBudget 2 supports transfer transaction between the assets.

  3. Report functions
    You can check daily/weekly/monthly/annual reports.

  4. Export functions
    All data can be exported with CSV and OFX format, so you can use them with your PC. The export can send via e-mail, dropbox, and internal web server.

  5. Backup / Restore
    You can export, backup and restore.



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